Cleaning Pass Provides cleaning services for homeowners, renters, vacation rental homes & apartments, hotels, and various other residential or commercial spaces. We have various choices depending on what type of cleaning you need or would prefer. We offer Maintenance Cleaning, Deep Cleaning, and Premium Cleaning. Some clients prefer only a specific area of their home or business which is also an option we can accommodate. We offer Home Cleaning Service Manhattan NY membership options for convenience. If you are interested in getting a cleaning service membership for your home or business please call us at 1-888-306-1577 or fill out the form on our contact us page to get started today.



As we are sure that you know, the process of successfully tidying and removing unwanted dirt or grime from work / home environments takes time, elbow grease, equipment, and an obsession with cleanliness. Not everyone has the extra time, energy, or desire to do all the cleaning chores. Our Home Cleaning Service Manhattan NY company offers various different cleaning services to help anyone that needs an extra set of hands taking care of maintaining cleanliness of their surroundings.



We are aware that most people are occupied with a variety of daily life tasks and generally speaking do not enjoy focusing on cleaning up. Our Home Cleaning Service Manhattan NY company is here to provide quality help you need to keep your spaces clean. Cleanliness is top of mind these days for most people and yet it is still an annoyance to most. Generally hygiene and health guidelines for humans indicate that keeping our environments clean keeps us healthier in many ways and thus is important. This is why we love cleaning! We are good at it, we save people the annoyance, we enjoy seeing spaces sparkle, and we are all about helping people stay healthy and making it easier to keep their minds at peace with their surroundings.


Our company does not just mop floors and wipe surfaces. We are capable of knocking your socks off premium clean which includes things most companies wont take on, a seasonal deep cleaning that would make grandma proud, as well as a maintain the sparkle routine type of clean. We offer convenient ‘set it and forget it’ membership plans to suit your needs. We are not afraid of volume as we are used to partnering with apartment complexes, landlords, and owners of chain businesses to provide the same quality of service. Our team knows what you need and is excited to show you. After we have been there, our clients report feeling physically at ease and relaxed from seeing the amazing results we provide.

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We have taken upon multiple projects, and with every single one of them our team gets more knowledge & experience that we carry on to the next  cleaning. We once encountered a client with multiple apartment complexes that had been abandoned for years. These places tend to collect all sorts of debris and mold over years of being vacant. We took on the project and were quite impressed with ourselves. The project took quite a few cleaners from our team at one time but it still took us in multiple days to get through every unit. Our Home Cleaning Service Manhattan NY team is not afraid to tackle big jobs, that being said, we are not hoarder specialists…



We make sure clients have a VIP experience, when booking the cleaning, and while the cleaning is being conducted and afterwards we strive to WOW our clients.


When Booking:

clients will receive an email and text confirmation of the appointment immediately after talking to our team initially to book a cleaning appointment.
A confirmation email will be sent the evening previous to the day of your scheduled cleaning with cleaning details including the name of your cleaner. We do this to give Home Cleaning Service Manhattan NY clients some time to double check everything and have time to reach out to get changes made if necessary.

Once your cleaner is on route, you will receive a text or call from our Customer Service Team letting you know that your cleaner is on her way.
Your cleaner will arrive within a pre-agreed upon window of time for your cleaning appointment, wearing appropriate personal protective and cleaning equipment to be safe and effective. Once the cleaner has arrived they are required to check in with our Customer Service Team to communicate and verify everything from the basic contact information to specific cleaning instructions to any other important details on your account, ensuring everything will be done correctly.


During Cleaning:

Our professional cleaner will follow their checklist and the special instructions from the Customer Service Team. During a cleaning, if a checklist has not been provided for whatever reason during booking or by the time of the appointment, our cleaners will ask for one. Cleaners have a checklist of each type of cleaning they are supposed to do to make sure nothing will be missed. Our Customer Service checks in from time to time to make sure all is going smoothly and make adjustments if extra time is needed to finish your clean.

Our teams are trained to go above and beyond with our service.


After Cleaning:

Once your clean is complete the Customer Service Team will reach out to you to check if you are happy with the service or if there is anything else you would like to add to be cleaned next time. Once you are happy we will advise our cleaner that they are permitted to leave and from there a member of our Customer Service Team will either book a membership or future service or take payment for an individual service to finish up the process. This is also where we will ask you to leave us a review or provide a video testimonial about your experience.