About Us

As the Owner and CEO of Cleaning Pass Christian Perez, I truly believe it’s our part as Home Cleaning Service Manhattan NY to serve our clients with consistency and excellence. Our staff are trained to go the extra mile so I can confidently ensure to you that our cleaners will greet you upon entry with a smile and leave your home sparkling clean.


Our clients love speaking to us, not only because we provide great cleanings, we listen to them. We strive every single day to provide the best support to both our clients as well as all of our staff. From cleaners to remote working staff we operate like a family. Through the business we have trained and given many candidates opportunities not given by other Home Cleaning Service Manhattan NY companies. We enjoy checking in on our staff regularly and providing support wherever needed to keep the customer experience and working environment focused on excellence. All of our cleaners are tested and certified when first applying and must show the ability to perform at the level of excellence expected of our senior cleaners before finishing their training. Cleaning supplies are provided by Cleaning Pass to all cleaners to take to cleanings.

Deep cleaning at Cleaning Pass differs from our maintenance cleanings in several key ways. Your deep cleaning visit is more like spring cleaning or perhaps “catch-up” cleaning. Even if you keep a straight and organized home, dirt, dust, residue can accumulate, and if it has been there for long it takes a lot more effort to remove. Before we can begin regularly scheduled cleaning of a home, there are a variety of tasks that require extra time and effort. There is a big difference between “old” dirt and “new” dirt. If we don’t get rid of the old dirt first, no matter how hard we try, simply removing new dirt isn’t going to make your home sparkling clean. It is not uncommon for us to spend from two to three times as long on a deep cleaning than it takes on regular, repeat maintenance visits.

Hand washing baseboards and woodwork throughout your home is a big reason that deep cleaning visits can take more time. We also spend additional time in your kitchen and bathroom’s detail cleaning. Think of it like a spa treatment for your home.

At Cleaning Pass we believe in fair and flexible pricing for all of our services. We know that a deep cleaning can be a big investment in your home. We promise we will never exceed your quoted price without prior verbal or written approval. The quote you receive is a do not exceed price. This price is for a set amount of labor hours. In most cases this will be more than enough time to give your home a very thorough and complete cleaning. However, some homes need more attention on the first visit. If that is the case, we can work out a plan to fit your needs or budget. We can clean it all now if you approve extra time. We can catch it up on future visits. Or we can focus on areas that are most important to you. We want to provide you with a great home cleaning experience, without any pricing surprises.

We have Home Cleaning Service Manhattan NY teams that do 100% green cleaning. Simply request it, and we’ll assign a green-cleaning team at no additional charge. Our intention is to promote and use effective, non-toxic, biodegradable and naturally-derived safe agents, along with low-impact processes to make homes sparkle, and to support clients in achieving simpler lifestyles that are richer and earth-friendlier.

Corona virus can live on the surfaces of your home for up to 24-72 hours. Cleaning Pass is now offering disinfecting deep cleans of domestic properties. Choose to schedule a deep cleaning or add it on to your normal cleanings. We can ensure you and your family are as safe as possible in your homes during these unprecedented times.

Cleaning Pass follows CDC safety guidelines for COVID-19 and pledged to do the following:

Maintain 6 feet of distance from clients
Wear masks during the job
Wear gloves during the job
Disinfect surfaces touched during the job