Introducing Our New Accompaniment Service: Your Trusted Companion for Everyday Tasks in NYC

At Cleaning Pass, we understand that life can get busy and sometimes you need a little extra help to manage your day-to-day activities. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our new Accompaniment Service! Designed to provide you with peace of mind and convenience, this service offers more than just a ride; we offer a reliable companion to assist you with various tasks.

What is the Accompaniment Service?
Our Accompaniment Service is perfect for anyone who needs assistance with daily activities. Whether it’s accompanying you to a doctor’s appointment, helping with shopping, keeping you company at home, or even checking your mail, we are here to help. We charge a flat rate fee for these services, making it simple and straightforward for you to get the support you need.

Benefits of the Accompaniment Service

Whether you need someone to chat with or help with small tasks around the house, our friendly companions are there to provide the support and company you need.

Assistance with Shopping

Need help with grocery shopping or picking up prescriptions? We can accompany you to the store, help with your shopping list, and even carry your bags.

Help with Mail and Errands

From checking your mail to running small errands, we take care of those little tasks that can pile up and become overwhelming.
Peace of Mind for Loved Ones

Our service offers peace of mind to family members who may not be able to be there in person. Knowing their loved ones have a reliable companion to assist them can be a great relief.

Why Choose Cleaning Pass Accompaniment Service?
Experienced Staff: Our team is trained and experienced in providing compassionate and professional support.
Flat Rate Pricing: Our transparent pricing ensures no hidden fees or unexpected costs.
Flexible Scheduling: We offer flexible scheduling to accommodate your needs, whether it’s a one-time service or a regular arrangement.

How to Book
Booking our Accompaniment Service is easy! Simply call to schedule your appointment. Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you in setting up a time that works best for you.

At Cleaning Pass, we are committed to making your life easier. With our new Accompaniment Service, you can enjoy the peace of mind knowing you have a trusted companion by your side for all your daily needs. Contact us today to learn more and book your first appointment!