If your mom of 10 kids, if you have a busy work life, or if it’s physically hard for you to reach those tough spots in your home then cleaning Pros might be the right Manhattan NY Home Cleaning Service choice for you! We’re based in Manhattan New York and we are the best at-home cleaning service in the local area. As cleaning Pros we offer a variety and a big range of different services and proprietary products! I guess relationships and trust are our main priority and our top Focus! We are excited to offer you for your first time cleaning with us you only pay a $1.00 for your whole service!

We can guarantee you that you love your service I want to keep booking all of your cleaning needs with us! We are very confident in our abilities that we will exceed every expectation that you set out for us. We can do basic cleaning such as vacuuming, washing dishes, doing laundry, dusting, sweeping, and mopping. we also specialize in residential and Commercial properties of any kind no matter how big or how small. We also specialize in cleanups after tenants move out or if you’re moving to a new location we can ensure that we can help get your deposit back by getting your apartment clean.

In addition to those services, we also offer customized services so if there’s one or two things that you’re wanting to be done or something you don’t want to be done all you have to do is ask or give us a checklist and we’ll perform all the services that provide it. We also have memberships in packages that help with your budget to keep us affordable and you can enjoy your time with your family or spend the extra time at work if you need to. We’re here to help and we’ve made it our Manhattan NY Home Cleaning Service mission to make life easier for the average American and we are excited to have you on our team!

Girls have many different products you can choose from to keep your homework clean from harsh or chemicals and it’s environmentally friendly. This is called our green product line and to request it whenever you book a reservation online or over the phone you can click the option or you can let us know and we’ll be sure to have everything prepared for you whenever we arrive! Cleaning is something that we have a passion for and we offer the best service and the Manhattan area and multiple other states and cities across the United States!

For more information, you can always reach out to us at 1 (888) 306-1577 or you can go online and visit us at https://nycleanpros.com/. for all inquiries you can reach us over the website or on the phone we also offer Manhattan NY Home Cleaning Service quotes. When we give a quote online or over the phone we will not go over the amount quoted to you. You can also fill out your checklist online and request any additional information about our products, services oh, and the memberships we offer. We are excited to be working with you and we hope to hear from you soon!

Manhattan NY Home Cleaning Service | Better than Grandma’s Cleaning

If you’re looking for a Manhattan NY Home Cleaning Service company that is honest and values all of its clients in the Manhattan New York area, then you have found Cleaning Pro! In 2019 we launched a cleaning business and in the past two years, we never expected it to grow as big as it has! With the trusting and loyal values, we offer our clients and they give back to us, we have grown our company in a small amount of time! We hold your satisfaction to our highest priority along with your cleaning expectations. At Cleaning Pro we value all of our clients and do the right thing and every situation we can!

We are excited to be offering the Manhattan, New York area the best cleaning services that can be provided! With our exquisite talent and superb customer service, what’s in a small two-year timeframe we’ve ranked at the top as the best cleaning company in the area! We’ve also been able to expand to multiple locations and different Manhattan NY Home Cleaning Service states across the United States. we’ve been able to exceed all of our client’s expectations for their cleaning goals while doing it efficiently and effectively! With our memberships, we offer this makes it easier for you to save money on all of your cleaning needs and the goals that you’re wanting to decide for yourself.

Here at Cleaning Pros, we take all of our clients seriously because we take our Manhattan NY Home Cleaning Service jobs very seriously! We offer many different services back in range to a variety paste on your needs. We go far beyond your basic cleaning or basic chores you have set for yourself. We offer deep cleaning packages to help our clients that sign up with our services save as much money as they can while also being able to stay on a regular cleaning schedule! What are clients are on a regular schedule this makes our job so much easier to prevent any build-up from happening with new dirt so it does not turn into old dirt that is very taxing to remove!

When you become a client with us we make it our priority to ensure everything that we perform with our cleaning services goes above and beyond what you even expected in the first place. We love to give our clients the wow factor and make their homes feel and look brand new! For our commercial properties, we service we help keep their business in day-to-day tasks on time and punctual because they’re not having to take extra time to pick up and clean their office. we can take all those daunting tasks out of your hands and see you can enjoy up add a more stress-free environment have more time to get things accomplished that you need to!

Whether you’re an existing or potential new client we love to hear from you and we are ready to give you the best cleaning services the Manhattan area has to offer! We are excited to be working with you and all of the needs of your family or your business! For any inquiries, questions, comments, concerns, or even reviews you can visit us on our website at https://nycleanpros.com/ or you can always call us a 1 (888) 306-1577. We look forward to hearing from you soon!