The values that we hold firm that are Home Cleaning Service Manhattan NY companies have stood from day one. As the founder of our company we started this whole thing very grassroots and with just one man and his wife. At the time our founders were working very hard in order to create happiness. And came home to a beautifully clean home from his wife. Very hard to accomplish and make sure that their home life was not only clean but provided a space where he could come home and relax and enjoy. And that they were able to spend the time that he had at home together and not worried about getting things done that could be done when he was not there.

One of the reasons that the idea for the Home Cleaning Service Manhattan NY company came about was because of the appreciation that he had so much for the cleaning that his wife did every day to make their home. He knew that there had to be a better way than the way that they were doing things. So instead they went back to New York City and decided that they were going to start a company that was going to be not based upon his skills. But based on hers. And that she would be able to take the lead and show him how it should be done. So they moved back to New York City. And started their cleaning company. It was done in a very grassroots sort of way something that is also a very proud accomplishment for our founders.

Home Cleaning Service Manhattan NY didn’t even have one client. All they had was a vision and that was what they were working to make sure came true. So whenever they started they handed out flyers and business cards and took out ads on Craigslist and just tried to get out there and let people know that they were here to help them in every way. And then they had a breakthrough and got just one client. At that point, they keep going and one client turned into two and so on and so forth they were so excited. And then they have 10. And this is how they were able to cultivate their very VIP type of service.

Because they knew the only way that they were going to build this dream into something that was a success they were going to have to do it better than the rest. And that’s what they did they made sure that whenever they clean somebody else’s home they did it in a way that was so far above what the client would do for their own home that they were going to be not just satisfied but amazed it could be accomplished by our founders and want that over and over again for their home.

Whatever somebody has had our cleaning service it is a joy to come home and see their house instead of being something that is going to be seen as oh no what work do I have to be home? Because we know that we have to drag ourselves out of bed in the morning to go to work the last thing that is good for a person is to have to drive themselves back home at the end of the day of a hard work day because there’s more work to be done there. This is not what you’re going to have to do whenever you let us help you create a more functional and clean home.

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Home Cleaning Service Manhattan NY I’ll hold their values very dear and firm with all of their employees. Because that is what their company is founded upon. That is because this company was founded on the value that a clean home is a happy home for founder’s wife was an outstanding home keeper that made sure whenever he got home from work at night their house was sparkling and always ready for his welcome and not going to provide extra work for him.

She worked very hard every single day to make sure that the home that they had Home Cleaning Service Manhattan NY together was one that was happy and relaxing and not a source of stress for him whenever he got home.

But he also understood that this was a job for her. And that she worked very hard to make sure that this was done. At that point, he started wondering how it was that couples that both worked were able to accomplish this. And if they had the same quality of life that he did. That’s whenever he got the idea to turn his wife’s abilities into something that quickly create their new life. So they set out to make that happen. And this is what he did but moved back to New York City and decided that they were going to start their own

Home Cleaning Service Manhattan NY area would appreciate and that was going to create better lives for the people of manhattan. He knew whenever he did this he would have to make sure that they were providing excellence in their service and the same type of field that his wife provided to him every day that he came into their home. He knew it was going to be very hard work because he knew that his wife worked very hard to make sure that their home maintained the type of atmosphere and the ideal level of cleanliness that it had.

Not to mention you are never going to have to worry about anyone that is employed with us and them being in your home when you are not there. Because we make sure that we have vetted all of our employees fully before they ever step foot into your home. There will never be anyone in your home that has any kind of negative recond. This is just one of the guarantees that wer are able to offer our customers. Find out when you call 888-306-1577 to schedule your $1 first cleaning, and go to