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Home Cleaning Service Manhattan Ny | A Beautiful Type Of Cleaning Service

Here at Cleaning Pass, we pride ourselves on being the best Home Cleaning Service Manhattan NY. Whether you’re a busy mom with kids, or busy in your professional life we’re here to help you and the cleaning aspects you need in your home! We go above and beyond to make sure that all of the dust, dirt, stain, pet dander, etc… is clean for you when you get home! It doesn’t stop there, we also specialize in commercial and residential properties such as hotels, apartments, vacation homes, Airbnb, office buildings, and much more! We go above and beyond to make sure that we can help you have the time to enjoy more things in life while we take care of the cleaning for you!

When you search for Home Cleaning Service Manhattan NY our company cleaning process has one of the best-reviewed companies in the area. We encourage you to read our testimonies on our website https://nycleanpros.com/. It is our core value to be punctual, friendly, trustworthy, and thorough with our cleaning services. Cleaning Pass is set apart from our competitors by implementing our values every day. We have a very strenuous hiring process for the new associates here cleaning pass. We ensure that each associate has the same values and the same cleaning processes as senior-level associates before we allow them out in the field.

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Cleaning Pass also offers 100% green cleaning if you simply request it when you call to make the appointment or book it online. With this type of cleaning solution, its intention is to promote and use non-toxic, biodegradable, and naturally derived safe agents along with the low-impact process to make homes look amazing! Green cleaning is designed to help families live cleaner without the more harsh chemicals that can be more predominant with other brands and types of cleaning products. The green cleaning team can also help be richer and Earth friendlier than other household chemicals that can be used.

For inquiries about the cleaning services we provide at Cleaning Pass, you can call us at 1(888) 306-1577 or go to our website at https://nycleanpros.com/ to get more information or to reach out to us to book an appointment. We can give free quotes over the phone or online and your first cleaning with us is only $1.00! For our memberships, you can get more information by going to https://nycleanpros.com/.