4 Tips to Effectively Clean Your Vacation Rental Property

Are you hosting a vacation rental to make some extra money? If so, one of the tasks you need to stay on top of is to keep your property cleaned and maintained. Otherwise, no one’s going to stay at your place simply because it is dirty, and your investment will end up becoming a waste.

That being said, maintaining a property might not be as easy as it looks. While the typical vacuuming and mopping might be activities you already do, there are many sneaky details that you might have missed that can hurt your property.

To ensure your vacation rental property is well-maintained, here are some tips that can help:

  1. The Kitchen

Apart from wiping the countertops clean and mopping the floors till they’re stain-free, there are a few other cleaning activities you can do here. For example, one of the most important ones that many people tend to forget to do is to check the appliances. Make sure they’re all working, and make sure that they’re clean. Failure to do so can lead to issues like a bacteria-swarmed dishwasher or a caked microwave—things you’d never want your guests to see.

  1. The Bathroom

The bathroom is notorious for its ability to grow mold and harbor bacteria because of its moist environment. If left unchecked, issues like dirty grout, mold-covered walls, and even cobweb-filled cabinets are issues you will face. Before your guests arrive, put your bathroom through with some good cleaning and disinfecting. After you’ve done cleaning the bathroom, remember to dry the place thoroughly. Keep it well ventilated while drying to ensure everything dries thoroughly, reducing the risk of mold and bacterial growth. Also, don’t forget to include essentials like toiletries and hand soap. Even if your guests don’t need it, these extras can leave your guests happy and pleased.

  1. The Bedroom

In the bedroom, there aren’t too many prominent places to clean apart from perhaps the furniture and the floors. However, the things you absolutely cannot forget to clean are the bedding and bedsheets. The mattresses also need to be cleaned, as they all can house sweat and even blood. These items can also be home to unwanted pests, so cleaning them ensures that your guests can sleep on perfectly clean beds when they finally arrive.

  1. The Living Room

It is easy to quickly give the living room a glance and see that everything is in order, or so you think. Dirt and dust can get behind furniture away from your eyes. For that reason, be thorough when cleaning the living room. Check behind the furniture, look at the corners, and sweep anything that would generally be out of view. Disinfect high-touch surfaces like doorknobs and remote controls. This ensures the living room is thoroughly cleaned, giving your guests excellent first impressions when they enter the property for the first time. Also, this reduces the chances of them running into nasty surprises.


While these activities may seem like a lot to do, trust us to say that it is worth it! These efforts will ensure that when guests first step into the home, that they can sense you’ve worked hard to offer them a clean, safe, and comfortable environment to live in. As a result, not only are they happy to have rented from you, but your ratings and reviews will be excellent. This will attract many other guests to come rent from you, providing plenty of income that you can use for anything you’d like.

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